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'We Have Found The Enemy, He Is Us' by James Fuscaldo - posted 8/13/16
Carlos the "jackal" wrote this in his book. "The only thing that will defeat the United States is an alliance between Islamic Supremacism and socialism". Are we there yet? To understand how the jackals of Islamic Supremacism have infiltrated the White House and our government read, Sharia, The Threat to America,published by the Center for Security Policy. The Members of Team B II that participated in the analysis are an elite roster of security, military, political and legal experts.

In the Executive Summary the team concluded this: "We must no longer allow those who mean to destroy our society by sabotaging it from within to camouflage themselves as " moderate". The definition of moderation needs to be reset, to bore in the sharia fault- line". They also state, "the subversion campaign know as civilization jihad" (stealth jihad) must not be confused with, or tolerated as, a constitutionally protected form of religious seeks to supplant our Constitution with its own totalitarian framework".

Lastly, they conclude that many in this country, particularly in the government, academia  and the media elites (MSM), have shown themselves susceptible to the Muslim Brotherhood's strategy for waging sabotage against the United States in order to destroy " its miserable house... by their own hand" (Explanatory Memorandum: On the Strategic Goal for the Group (Muslim Brotherhood) in the United States). The Muslim Brotherhood is enabling sharia's spread by enforcing a tolerance of that doctrine (sharia) under the rubric of freedom of religion and diversity, instead of recognizing it for the seditious and anti-constitutional agenda it openly espouses.

The attached video needs to be shared and viewed by every Christian church, Jewish Synagogue, civic and political organization. More importantly it must be showed in every school's social studies and/or government class. (Not likely but hope springs eternal provided we have educators and not facilitators in our schools).

In closing I would like to share a comment made on a prominent talk radio show by a gentleman who identified himself as a 78 year old beneficiary of the "greatest generation". He said as a young boy he watched his father and uncles volunteer to defeat the totalitarian regimes of Nazism, Italian Fascism and Japanese Imperialism. Many who served were young men in their late teens and early twenties. Today, this class of youth are more interested in chasing Pokémon than defending freedom, more interested in seeking sanctuaries from micro aggression than dealing with reality, more interested in knowing what the government will do for them than what they MUST do for themselves. For those of us who are old enough to recall the POGO cartoon, "we have found the enemy, he is us". Prescient? Just asking?  
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