Secure Michigan

Refugee Resettlement Monitor of Michigan

Citizen Tool Kit 

What can do to protect your family from the onslaught of Refugee Resettlement (RR) in your neighborhood, city and country? You can prepare yourself to present a brief RR introduction to your city council and/or county council, ending with a request for an RR agenda item at an upcoming meeting, and the consideration of a Resolution

Click on the PDF or Word Document and it will download to your computer, then open it to view and print. 

Tool #1 - General Tips for a City Council Meeting
Tool #2 - Sample Resolution

Here is a sample resolution document for your use:

Local resolution model 111215.pdf

Local resolution model 111215.docx 

Tool #3 - Sample 3-5 minute script

Here is a sample script for your use:

Honorable Mayor and Council rjm v2.docx

Honorable Mayor and Council rjm v2.pdf

NOTE: You can obtain the refugee data for your location at this link:  Welcoming America Watch

Tool #4 - Sample Letter To Mayor
Tool #5 - Will Your County GOP Follow the Lead of the Oakland County Republican Party and Pass a RR Resolution?
with a link to the attached pdf
Tool Box #6 - Standard Secure Michigan Government RR Resolution

Once you have informed your County/City/Town Council of the need to take action to protect their citizens from the negative impact of RR, consider adapting the Standard Secure Michigan Local Government RR Resolution. See example RESOLUTION TO SECURE LENAWEE COUNTY wdh rjm citations corrected.pdf

Review the Citation Presentation - Citation Presentation 042616.pptx which presents information related to the citations integrated into the resolution.

Contact [email protected] for assistance in adapting the resolution and presentation for your jurisdiction and consider bringing the resolution and presentation forward to your council.

Please report your progress so we can track jurisdictions that have taken action.