Secure Michigan

Refugee Resettlement Monitor of Michigan

Candidate Vetting Section

The "Secure Michigan Candidate Vetting Questions" form is available below: 

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The "Law and Order Despite Sharia Pledge" form is available below:

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Completed Candidate Forms 

Here are forms completed by candidates

State Responses:


Pat Colbeck -  Completed Response

John Tatar - Completed Response

U. S. House - 11th District

Rocky Raczkowski - Completed Response 

Kerry Bentivolio - Completed Response

Michigan Attorney General

Tonya Schuitmaker - Completed Response

Tom Leonard - Completed Response

Michigan State Representative - District 25

Jazmine Early - Completed Response

Michigan State Representative - District 40

Paul Taros - Completed Response 

Macomb County Responses:

Roseville Mayor

Kristin Hoff - Completed Response