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We are dedicated to providing news and information regarding the costs and security concerns of the Refugee Resettlement program and its negative impact on the people of Michigan. 


Latest Refugee Plan Statistics

This information was brought to our attention by our Secure Michigan researcher.

It is public but challenging to find and process - Many Thanks.

This is the VOLAGs Plan for Michigan this Fiscal Year

Consolidated Placement Plan 2017
Ann Arbor400
Battle Creek220
Clinton Township1,100
Grand Rapids1,014
Madison Heights15
Traverse City12
The cities above are processing centers for Catholic Charities, Samaritas, USCRI, Jewish Family Services, etc.
The receiving towns spread out from there.
From October 1, 2016 to December 31, 2016, the VOLAGs have made their money by dumping 1317 more refugees into these Michigan cities.
Brigitte Gabriel's Urgent Election Message

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Educating Americans About the True Nature of Islam:

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Waterford Syrian Refugee Resolution.pdf

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Patterson Says He Will Sue To Stop Refugee Resettlement: Click Here


Take the time to read this document: 


Also available in our documents library for download. 

Culture of Concealment in Michigan: Resettlement Agencies Hiding Refugee Latent TB Infection Rates

Breitbart Article

 Michigan’s culture of concealment stands in contrast to how several other states deal with latent TB infection rates among refugees.

FOIA documents for FY 2017 are now available in our FOIA section:

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FOIA Documents Informaton Articles

Diligence in requesting FOIA information about the placement of upcoming refugees during FY 2017 in Michigan has been mentioned in articles written by Michael Patrick Leahy in Breitbart and Ann Corcoran.

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The Social Contract Press quarterly journal on public issues and policy in the interrelated fields of the environment, human population, international migration ...

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Number of Refugees Sent To Michigan Increased 43% Year To Date - posted 9/2/16

Article by Michael Patrick Leahy - Breitbart 9/2/16

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Ann Corcoran - Changing America by Changing It's People - posted 9/2/16  Obama has been changing America by changing its people. You know that Hillary Clinton will follow in his footsteps, but you are not powerless! This fall the Republicans can turn off the federal spigot for refugee resettlement if they wanted to---you have to make them want to!